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Hello Coin People members. I found this link via Coinaf. I have been in active in coin collecting since I was 15. I currently run a Yahoo Group on U.S. coins. That group is USA Coin Group . Some organizations that I am a member of or have been a member of are:

ANA (current)

EAC (current)

FSNC (past)

CSNS (past)

and several local coin clubs at various locations over the years. I look forward to learning more about this group and feel free to let me know how I can help out.



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  I currently run a Yahoo Group on U.S. coins.


Activity within 7 days:12 New Members - 7 New Links - 136 New Messages - 12 New Photos


Congratulations on running an active group.


ANA (current) -- American Numismatic Association (that's easy)

EAC (current) -- Early American Coppers (also well known)

FSNC (past) -- had to look that up: Full Step Nickel Club

CSNS (past) -- Central States Numismatic Society, but I am a member, otherwise I might have guessed "California State Numismatic Society" or something similar.

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Welcome. I hope that you enjoy it here.


I'm a member of




Fly-In Club

OCC -- that's the hard one.....Ocala Coin Club.

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