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I have lived in the former Soviet Union for about three years and have put together a decent sized collection of both pre-and post-revolutionary coins. Is there an online resource that will give me some assistance in grading their condition and value? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know about grading sources - I don't think I've seen anything like Photograde for Russian coins.


For prices, I suggest monitoring auction results on the web to get a feel for the market. Prices have gone up a lot in recent years. For the tougher stuff, Krause prices are very outdated. I'd love to be able to buy (Krause prices) a 1707 ruble in XF for a mere $700-$1000, a Peter II 2 rubles gold in XF for just $2400-$3000, or a Catherine I 2 rubles in XF for a mere $2400, just to name a few.


Unfortunately, in the real world, you can't buy those coins in that quality for anything remotely resembling those prices. They're not even close.

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