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Very nice. I was looking at some of these this past weekend. They are nice designs and the coins have a decent heft to them. A neat collection.

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Picked up two of these because they were so darn impressive. I have long wanted a Maria Theresa Thaler - This is an incredibly popular design that was originally struck in 1740. As I understand, modern strikes (estimated 300M) continue today.


There are a number of variants that can be identified by some minor design details - summarized well through this link.

Both of mine are III-C-E-4-C as far as I can tell. This first one is so nice, I had to include a larger pic.




This second one has some nice toning and is almost as nice as the first.



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We have been under the "threat" of 10 zillion inches of snow. In this area, that causes a general panic and run on milk and bread :ninja: Undaunted by the warnings, I enjoyed a trip to a large shop that is nearby and acquired several new pieces. Now the snow really is coming down and is scheduled to snow all night - sounds like a good time to photograph and catalog some coins!


This is a new Canadian silver bullion coin. Several characteristics caught my attention. First, it is a 1/2 oz silver - maybe silver bullion coins have become so popular that smaller sizes are showing up. Second, the strike on this coin is very impressive. The Liz device is incredibly mirrored. Coin in hand, it looks liquid! The fields have been roughened with some parallel brush matting of some kind. It would take a long time to get this coin photographed properly, but this will give you an idea if you have not seen one. Mints are getting better and better and striking these bullion coins - maybe because of all the competition and to distinguish them from non-government issues.





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A 'junk' dollar. I am guessing a bit on this date based on the 2nd character for the year 21 coin in Krauss, and the few possibilities - but if anyone knows for sure, please let me know. Krause also notes that some of these were struck in the US!



Peoples Republic of China 1934 (year 23) Dollar

Y # 345 Silver, .888, .7555 oz Mintage: 128.74M

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This group was in a Whitman US proof set case marked 'Philippines 1944' - picked it up for $9 - not a bad deal.



1944 5 Centavos KM # 180a Copper-nickel zinc Mintage: 21.20M




1935-M 10 Centavos KM # 169 Silver, .750, .0482 oz Mintage: 1.28M




1918-S 20 Centavos KM # 170 Silver, .750, .0965 oz Mintage: 5.56M




1944-D 20 Centavos KM # 182 Silver, .750, .0965 oz Mintage: 28.60M




1944-S 50 Centavos KM # 183 Silver, .750, .2411 oz Mintage: 19.19M



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