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This comes up as the "underappreciated series" thread. Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes,... three cents ... and so on... and then you get off USA into the other areas and you find that really, everything imaginable is being collected by someone -- often just one someone, or so it seems.


Barbara Gregory of Numismatist has a lot of good ideas, mostly about US coinage, that being what her readers claim to be interested in. My time and expertise is limited, so I can only pick one or another, the last time was Proof Double Eagles. I mean, how could I pass that up?


But that sort of gives the lie to "what do you want to read about." What I mean is that when you ask people, off their tops of their heads, they have one or a few interests, but they never seem to think of the other interesting collectibles pursued by different people. Now, granted, that this is perfectly normal and acceptable. I mean, how else could it be? But... and here's the thing ... when those "other" topics come up, then everyone says "Wow, how interesting, I never thought of that."


So, Barbara, and the editors at Coin World, and Numismatic News, and the other periodicals have these topics that they would like to have written about.


Pattern Coins of 1793

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