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Olbiya, Thrace Delfin ca. 600-500 BC


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Some of the earliest coinages in the ancient Greek world were not traditional round coins as we know them today, in fact they may have started out being issued as votive objects to a local god, and subsequently became objects with a trade value later on. This example of an Olbiyan delfin, or dolphin is such an example. These particular pieces are turning up in large excavations in modern day Ukraine.


Oh I should mention my son let me image his coin for this :ninja:

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Hey, that is neat! What metal is it made from? How big is it?



I think this thing is about 20mm long, not very large. When it came in the post from Ukraine we had to look all over the envelope to find it, it had gotten loose.


And it is bronze. I have one also, but it is hidden in the bank somewhere.

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