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Jorg's Jug o' Goodies


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Picked these up at the last club meeting.


Commodus in Thrace, I couldn't resist the reverse




A couple of Vandals to help full out my barbarians





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Why do you want to keep the 10Mark as a pocket piece?

I've forgotten :ninja:


Probably to wear away the cleanign lines and the little bit of corrosion just a little. Though it's not really distracting on that coin.

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The Commodus is eye catching.  :ninja:


Yeah, I had no business buying that save for the eye appeal :lol:

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This is an ugly but interesting coin. It was overstruck, but what's off is the iconography on the obverse. The cross between the two figures was used at Antioch. However, the globus cruciger was not a feature of that mint. Also, the figures don't seem to be seated and they are not even (the left is higher) neither of these things is unheard of but all in all it makes for an odd coin.



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As it turns out of you rotate the reverse 90 degrees you can see a figure on the left. This ends up being a follis of Justin II at Carthage overstruck on an issuue of Justinian I at the same mint.



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Here's a medal from the Hamburg Seewart, slated as a birthday present for my dad





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Me too. What does the medal represent?


The building is the Seewarte in Hamburg which existed 1875-1945 and was the center to study marine meteorology as well as a caduceus. The seated figure sits atop various marine implements with a ship to one side and a storm to the other in the background. She is writing something presumably a sea chart or meteorological data. I'd guess she's a representation on meteorology.

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