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Some hunks of silver


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Stopped in at the coin store and picked up these three specimens - all .900 silver and all are welcome additions to my collection.



Chile 1883 One Peso KM# 142.1


[bTW anybody ever see a Chile PnA24? if you collect US coins, you have seen that reverse before]





Phillipine 1909-S One Peso KM# 168 (looks like it was wiped a bit)


... and my favorite of the group...several other members have posted these before and I have been looking for a nice one that was priced right for a while.



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Ohhh I am very jealous! I have been looking for the top two myself, especially that Chilean piece. But they are not very common here for obvious reasons. :ninja: So I am stuck with internet shopping and it is not so easy to find nice ones that I want.

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