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1939 Canada Dollar Royal Visit

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Yeah it was a pretty big deal.


The first royal figure to be present in Canada was Prince William (later King William IV), who arrived on the country's east coast in 1786. However, while his niece, Queen Victoria, never came to Canada, her son, Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, initiated the traditional format of the Canadian royal tour: partaking in official engagements, meeting politicians and the public, and reviewing troops.[5] While invitations had been regularly made since 1858 for the reigning monarch to tour Canada,[6] it was in 1939 that King George VI became the first to actually do so. During that trip, the King's consort, Queen Elizabeth, initiated the tradition of the "royal walkabout",[7] though her brother-in-law, the Duke of Windsor, had when still Prince of Wales in 1919 been frequently meeting with everyday Canadian people; as he said: "Getting off the train to stretch my legs, I would start up conversations with farmers, section hands, miners, small town editors or newly arrived immigrants from Europe."[8]



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