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The Nickel With No Face

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:ninja: I know this is a fairly new (within the last 3 to 5 years) coin, but have no idea how much it is worth. I have added the "face" and obverse. As well, this coin has been uncirculated. It came directally from a mint roll. Dont ask me why the roll was opened because I have no idea. It was the only error in the batch, only one that has come across my path. I found it going through my fathers effects. Any help would be appreciated.





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Thats what, an 80,000% markup? As well, sorry for the poor scan, I hadn't realized that it was saved as a bitmap file until just now. I will try to repost it as a jpg file in a little while. If not tonight, tomorrow evening.


Thank You very much ;)


Before my dad passed he collected just about everything, and I have been having an especially hard time with his coins and currency because most of it is just so, obscure, that I am having a hard time finding similar items online. He started collecting sometime in the early 1950's while he was travelling around the world in the Navy. He continued until he passed last year. I've been trying to get everything protected in those little white fold overs, which I know won't work for the currency. Yes, white gloves, and no cleaning of patinas, etc. The way it is is the way it stays.


I'm glad I found this place, I like it, and the people here are nice too :ninja:



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Nice struck through!!! Early to mid staging at that. You say your dad was Navy. I know this is like a super long shot in the dark, but, He wouldn't have lived in Lawton, Oklahoma would he? If so, I know a gentleman in Lawton, OK, that served in WWII (Pacific), a stint in the philippines, Korea, and several other years in there too. The reason I ask this is that he also was EXTREMELY knowledgeable in the error/variety aspect of coin collecting. I had the luxury of buying a large section of his duplicates this last spring. I hope this guy and your dad are not one in the same, mainly because I just ain't ready to let that extremely knowledgeable gentleman cruise off into the sunset yet. LOL

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