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1961 PCGS PR66





1863 NGC F-233/312 CWT MS65BN





(1861-1865) NGC F-255/393 CWT MS66BN





1960 NGC PR67





1939 PCGS MS65RD






I also got another lightly toned 1939 MS65 red from the same seller and it also has some subtle toning on it. I haven't scanned the raw coins I picked up nor a PCGS 1960 PR68CAM quarter....but I think you get the sense of what I was after.


This was the third year I have been to the FUN show and by far the most fun.....it was made all the more special due to the fact that I got to meet a lot of wonderful PCGS, NGC, and TCCS forum members and share stories and drool over coins!!! The show was very busy and when I wasn't manning the TCCS table I was looking through dealer inventory and talking to them about the show. Out of probably 25 dealer I talked too all said there were having a good show. I attended both the PCGS and NGC Registry luncheons....and not just for the free food :LOL;


It was a real pleaser to get to meet Julian and D.W Lange autographed a copy of The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes book for me so I can't wait to read it from cover to cover. After the show large groups of us went out for dinner and on a few occasions met at Ron Sirna's Rental Condo for some serious wine drinking :1Applause;


If you've never been I highly recommend this show to novice and advanced collectors alike. :ThumbsUp;

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Awesome newps, Shane :ninja:

I love the '49 Roosie ;)

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