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I'm still working on my Anglo-Saxon set. I set myself a target to get 6 coins, doesn't sound like a huge task but it's harder than it looks.


I can't post the last one in the 'series' because i haven't got it yet, might be a long while before i do. But i can post the first;




Not much but i like 'em. Eddy the Elder struck sometime between 899-924.


The last one in the 'series' will be an Eadgar penny struck between 959-975. Seen some nice ones but i was how shall we say, underbudget... i.e skint.

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Its a liberty cap on a pole. The liberty cap has an ancient history of being presented to freed slaves in Rome to symbolize their freedom. It became a symbol of radicals opposed to monarchies in France, America, South America, etc in the late 1700s, early 1800s. Look for it on coins from many countries in coats of arms, on the head of liberty herself, etc.

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