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so if im understanding this ......

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Picture_003.jpg1900.jpgmy late 1800 and early 1900 silver dollars most have the details there like the eagle breast feathers and the hair on lady liberty they also are silver in color and shiny i think thats the luster they talk about so with this considered are they are of a high quality right?


also are there any that are rare or harder to find?


i was told the 1921 s was rare but since i have found this site i have found that is not the case so im not sure...


also i was looking at some of the prices on ebay are they usually accurate ?


sorry i know this is alot, i promise to try and learn quick :ninja:


also thank you all for your help and patience.

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thanx i need all the help i can get i wish i wasnt in such a secluded area i have about decided im going to hafta make a trip to the city for appraisal. i think they are pretty high grade but am still unsure i figure if nothing else this find has gotten me into a new hobbie :ninja:


i did try a scan i dont think it is near as good as the pics in my gallery and they arent even close to as bright as the real thing so i guess i'll keep at it.


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It is most likley that you have some nice (EF+) common date Morgan Dollars that will likely price out in the $15 to $20 dollar range. A dealer, if he wanted the coins, would offer about 1/2 of the guide price.

I would suggest you get yourself a "Red Book" and start reading.


Red Book.... http://acoins.com/redbook.html

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or maybe even your local public library.


What he said. Check out a Red Book (current if possible) and if they have any grading books, grab one as well.


Highly doubtful they will have the Morgan encyclopedia but if they do, grab it!

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