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ok so i read whats it worth and now im nervous


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ok so this is a high grade coin? im so clueless :ninja: i have coins of all values and a whole box of morgan dollars. all are in good shape i think ? i can see the hair details and feather details on most of them clearly and also the minting place stamp thingy. they run from 1882-1922 i have some 1921's some1 said they are rare im not sure (of course) any help is appreciated !



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I would suggest that you simply not even consider selling any of your coins until you know more about grading, mintages and types. You'd be pretty disappointed in yourself if you sold your coins and later saw them for sale in the dealer's case for a hundred times what he paid you for them.


I've never lost a dime by keeping my coins. Welcome to CoinPeople.

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Alot of home owner insurance policies cover a minimal amount of replacement money for collectable coins. Our basic policy we have, only covers $500 for the following....Books, Manuscripts, tickets, photos, stamp-coin-card and comic book collections. So I had to purchase a rider policy to cover my collection.


There are a couple of things you need to do..


1. Determine what your collection is worth.

2. Check to see if you already have enough coverage under your basic home owners policy.

3 Get a rider policy from your insurance agent to cover the value if it is more than what is covered in your basic home owners policy.


Also if you plan on acquiring more coins to add to your collection, make sure you get enough insurance for the purchases you are going to make in the future.

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Depending on your insurance carrier, a rider can be quite expensive (when I checked 4 years ago it ranged from 2.5% to 4% of the value of the collection per year, regardless of whether it was stored in the house of safe deposit box. If you store you coins in a safe deposit box, you might look into the ANA insurance program which costs only 0.5% per year if the coins are stored in a safe deposit box, and I don't recall exactly, but I think the rate for coins at home was something like 1.75%. To get the ANA insurance you need to be an ANA member. Those policies are administered by a third party insurance carrier.

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