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1955-P Franklin "Bunny" Half Dollar


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I just purchased one of these last night from the Shysters on Shop at Home.  Do any of you have one?  Will post a picture after I receive it.  The one attached here is from Shop at Home's website.


That's pretty cool JJ. It's also interesting that it is a PCGS certified "attribution", with no number grade, but an unc designation.


The buck teeth are, apparently, the result of a die clash - from the reverse eagle's tail feathers. The idea is that the dies come together without a planchet in between as would normally occur during minting. Eventually, the die gets scored and the coin gets an unintential impression. I think there were a couple of dates for the Bugs Bunnies with 55 being the most common.


This link explains it better than I can -> link here

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