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Blue envelope "soft pack" GSA dollars

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I've got two GSA soft pack Morgan dollars in the blue envelopes - each having the two pieces of paperwork that they came with. The coins are dates 1879-O and 1883-O and both are AU. The envelopes are in nice condition, with a little fuzziness on the edges from handling over the years. Some collectors save these by date, and certain dates of these GSA softpacks are rare because there were few available in the GSA sale, but I have no idea of the rarity of either of these. The coins with decent envelopes and papers sell on Ebay for anywhere from $80-90 to in the hundreds depending on the date. I'd like to sell the two as a set for $250.00 dlvd., which may or may not be a deal...if you have any information as to the rarity of these dates in regards to the pricing, I would be glad to lower (or raise) my asked price somewhat. PM me if you're interested.

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