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If Russian copper coins were all this nice...


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Grivna1726, that is indeed an excellent obversation.


Indeed it is true that coins minted in Ekaterinburg had such "buldging" issues, but this coin is just ok, other than a slight offstrike, which still existed around that time. I guess it is the bad photography that led to such illusion - the coin is still in its 2x2 holder, which the light reflected off from the plastic.


Here are two larger pictures:





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That is a very nice example of this series. This series is plagued with off center strikes, damaged coins and just horribly worn examples that come to the surface. Just yesterday, as I was doing a search through the Russian coins on Ebay, I found most of the 2 kopeck coins of this series to be impossible to even look at. I have not seen examples of this series as nice as this.

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While I do not collect these beyond 1810 - 1812, by accident I found a copper of this year/mintmark (it is not a 2 kop coin, though...):






I found this one next to it :grin: :







If anyone likes them and has a kopeck or denga of 1810 - 1812 they do not need in a comparable condition, I will be happy to trade...

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Again some nice coins. I just purchased an 1821 1K that is quite worn and has a bit of damage because I was able to purchase it cheaply with combined shipping too. Shame how these coins have fared over the last two centuries.

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