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Toned Proof Indian Head Cents

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This is my first post here and I have no earthly clue if I am allowed to post in this section since I don't see any others....but a US Copper Museum would not be complete without images of Proof Indian Head Cents........so let me post a few and hopefully others will join in :ninja:


1887 PCGS PR65RB




1897 NGC PR65RB




1907 NGC PR66BN




1909 PCGS PR65RB




I hope you all enjoy ;)

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Welcome to the forums, Krypto ... glad to see you bring some serious color along with you ;)


I still covet that 1907 :ninja:

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Ahh!! I really want to see these pics but I think the forum is outdated and the pics aren't attached anymore!



The site is gone and so - no images. I've updated a few items in the Virtual Museums and have either used some of my coins or gotten pictures from others with permission to use them. This is the problem that I'd like to address with a CoinPeople Image Account somewhere that is owned by the site rather than an individual. Folks could "donate" a picture. It would be posted to the site and credit given as appropriate. BUT then the Virtual Museums and informational posts would be preserved when people might move on or change their websites, etc.

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