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A rare coin from my collection


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Here is a 1714 5 kopeks coin of Peter I.


The coin is softly struck so the center is weak, but it is otherwise in nice shape.


I bought this coin many years ago and have seen very few other offerings of its type. It is very hard to find in any condition. I'm not sure whether this one is an original or a novodel, but I think it is probably a novodel.




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WOW grivna make me grief! :ninja:;)




Leaving my lame comment aside, that is an excellent coin!!! ;) I can't believe I would be able to see such high quality coins still in existance - I expected them to remain in the hands of elite coin collectors or in museums or in major auctions but I am proven very wrong.


That is most certainly a stunning shocker. Most smaller silver denomination Peter I coins are quite scarce and even novodels are considered scarce. Although I believe that coin might be a novodel too, it is still a VERY nice one. Well done grivna1726!!!

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Thank you for your kind words, gx.


These little coins are often underappreciated by collectors until they start looking though dealer lists and auction catalogs trying to find one.


For some reason, there were few milled silver coins minted in 1714 and none 1715-17. Maybe this was a result of the costs of the wars in which Russia was engaged?

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