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Total lameless with a seller


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After seeing this seller selling too many fake Russian coins, I have gone completely sick and tired.


One excellent example is this link:




A genuine or rather novodel 1836 10 ruble with the medallic reverse is exceeding scarce and the price tag is way too cheap. If I am not mistaken, the last time I saw such medal on auction was at least over 20grand, which makes this at least 10 times too cheap! Needless to say, the font of the signature, Gube is too wrong.


When you check his negative feedbacks, it seems that the nature of how he words his auction listings - he actually does not guarantee that his coins are genuine - pretty pointless isn't it?


Quite often he auctions off ultra scarce rare pattern coins but most of them can only be found in expensive auctions or most likely in museums.

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The tooling marks along the base of the bust seem an odd thing to show in a close-up. I understand he means to show the signature, but still. The beading around the rim is incredibly uneven. Two of his other gold coins show blisters long the edges of some numbers in the close-ups. Looks like casting unless the Russians typically used rusted dies and sloppy production values.

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"Reply by austseller123: This Buyer needs to learn how to read. The item wasn't described as authentic".


This is his reply to several of the negative "fraud" feedbacks. Though technically right, still dishonest. You have to wonder about the common sense of some of the buyers though.

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Oops, I was totally wrong. The last one went at 90,000 USD in Goldberg in the May30 - June 1 2005 :ninja:


Here is a link to the auction site:



Needless to say, that does not even seem to be some sort of cast copy but a completely new fake copy. Gube's signature does not even look like that - you can check it against his other works of 1834 and 1839 commemorative rubles. An example of his coins are here: http://coinpeople.com/index.php?showtopic=195


His coins and ethics just send me to a mad fury - neither are they decent copy but the way how he frauds buyers is another sad story.

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http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSSIA-POLUPOLTINNIK-1...1QQcmdZViewItem is a counterfeit polpoltina (quarter ruble or 25 kopeks) copper plate offered as a "novodel". (There are no genuine novodels of Russian copper plate money in denominations higher than the grivna [10 kopeks] plates.)


http://cgi.ebay.com/GANGUT-1914-RARE-RUSSI...1QQcmdZViewItem offers a counterfeit Gangut ruble.


Caveat Emptor.

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