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Feedback Forum Rules


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Here are the guidelines for posting in the Feedback Forum:


1. The feedback forum is to be used for posting feedback on transactions conducted here on Coinpeople between CoinPeople members. It is not for feedback on non-members or on transactions not conducted here on CoinPeople.


2. The title of the feedback thread will be the user name of the person who you are rating. For example a thread where people would rate me would be titled: Stujoe. That's it...no need to get fancy or cute as it will just make it more difficult to find member's feedback. I would suggest that you create your own thread right away (especially if you are a regular seller or buyer or trader) so people can find it and don't have to create one for you. Please spell the user name right. I can correct it later if you don't, but it is a hassle.


3. All feedback replies should be kept to the point. You can say what you bought or sold or traded to the member, whether it was a positive transaction or a negative transaction, and highlight any specific good or bad things. The posts need to be kept from wandering in order to make them effective. No one wants to read a 1000 word essay to try and figure out if things went well for you or not. By all means make it as long as it needs to be to explain the situation but try to keep out the unecessary 'fluff'.


4. The feedback threads are not for debates or discussion. You leave your feedback and get out of the thread. That's it. The person you are rating can respond (again in a very short post) to your feedback and that is it. No one wants to see a 20 post discussion or debate about the transaction in between the feedback posts. That should be handled via PM, email or some other means. I will delete such posts.


5. The Feedback Forum is not a place to resolve problems or issues in a transaction. That should be handled by PM, Email, etc. Again, no one wants to read a 20 post discussion between 2 members trying to work out their problems in between the feedback posts. I will delete such posts.


6. The Feedback Forum is not for hijacking or any other type of discussion or cheats. Again, no one wants to read a 20 post discussion about the wonders of 8 legged frogs in between feedback posts. I will delete such posts.


7. Be fair. Rate the transaction not the individual. There is no need to get personal. Name-calling, harassment, ridicule, etc will be deleted anyway so there isn't much point in posting it in the first place. You can more effectively get the point across to other members by keeping things as rational as possible.

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