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Italy. Vittorio Emanuele III gold 50 Lire 1911


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I really liked Gpnyc's PCI entry so I did an ebay search to see if I could get one, boy was I suprised:




Estimate: US $1,500.00 - US $2,000.00 ;)


IMHO this is the PCI5 winner...


From Omnicoin gpnyc collection.

"1861-1911 50 Lire. 50th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Italy. A mere 20,000 pieces minted, assuring the scarcity of this issue."


Cool Coin Gpnyc :ninja:


A bit out of my reach ;)



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But oh don't be discouraged.  You can afford the copper version...




There's also a silver version too of which I do not have but someone around here does.  i seem to recall it was posted recently.


That's one terrific copper.

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While the design of the 10C version appears to be the same, if you look more closely, there's are subtle differences.


First is the background. On the 10C piece (and also the 2 Lire), there's a sailing vessel, on the 5 and 50 Lire versions, there's a steam ship.


Also, the allegorical figures are in different positions on the various denominations.

In case anyone cares, these allegorical figures represent "Italy" (the female figure) and "Rome" (the male on pedestal).


And I agree its a wonderful reverse design. I hardly ever look at the obverse side. In fact, if I ever have it slabbed it will be mounted reverse side up in the holder.

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May I ask how you aquired this beauty?




From a European-based dealer. They are scarce but not rare and I see them come up for auction maybe 10 times a year.


A word of caution. There are die-struck fakes out there for both the 5 Lire silver and 50 Lire gold versions. These fakes are quite good and would fool most so don't buy from someone unless they have a lifetime authenticity guarantee.

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