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Irish-French-Luxemb. 2006 Tidbits


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Did not want to start three separate threads, so here we go ...


Ireland plans to issue a gold coin this year. A €10 silver piece and a €20 (?) gold coin will honor the writer Samuel Beckett, born 100 years ago. Also, the Irish Central bank plans to issue a proof set of the circulation coins, in addition to the regular BU set.


The recent Semeuse silver and gold coins from France have had special "themes": Last year's pieces were about the 100th anniversary of the separation of church and state. This year the Semeuse coin will feature the 25th anniversary of the abolition of the death penalty in France.


Luxembourg continues the series of €2 commems with yet another "family portrait". This year's piece features Grand Duke Henri and the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. As for collector coins, there are plans to issue two titanium coins: 100 years Conseil d'Etat, and 150 years BCEE, the "oldest financial institution" in Luxembourg.


And no, except for the LU €2 commem I have not seen any pictures yet.



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