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German-Colombian banknote...


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I was recently given a scan of a very interesting banknote at first glance you can tell it is in German and it is from the WWII era, but when you read the translation on the banknote it basically says that this banknote should be accepted as cash when it is used by a uniformed crew member of the Schleswig Holstein, in the following establishments and it names a couple of businesses that were/are owned by German nationals living in Colombia.



The Schleswig Holstein was the German ship that shot the first shot in WWII. And the only information I've been able to find was that the ship anchored at Puerto Colombia, sometime before WWII, and that the solders were issued these banknotes in order to control where they were able to spend any money.


Does anyone know anything about these banknotes? Are there more in different denominations? I would appreciate any information anyone might have, thanks!



Yezid Acosta


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From a friend I found out that the word Gustshein is the work for Certificate. And that this note translates:


This certificate in worth of 10 cents will be accepted from:

Club Aleman – German Club

Gustloff Haus – Gustloff House

Palace Bar (Spencer) –

Restaurant Tropical (H. Brandes)

Hotel Atlántico, Puerto Colombia


If it is presented by a uniformed member of the Schleswig Holstein it is valid as payment.



I also found out that the word "wen" is incorrect on the note and should be spelled "wenn"

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