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1864-L IHC in CopperNickel

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In the world of Indian Head Cents this is one of the greatest finds of recent years. This is the 4th such cent known.


1864-L cents are usually found only on the thin bronze planchets. Copper nickel cents were struck until May of 1864 (according to records). After May the cents were redesigned to include an L on the obverse to identify Longacre as the designer/engraver. At the same time the planchett for the IHC was changed to bronze.


Two 1864-L Copper nickel cents are proof and now two are business strikes. Many people consider this to be a wrong planchet error as the copper nickel and bronze planchets were both contemporary in 1864. I personally think that it may actually have been a pattern for the L obverse struck before the planchet change took place. (That's just my fantasy guess. Since I don't own one, I can allow my guess to go wherever I want.)


So check those Indian Head Cent collections and accumulations. This is one valuable coin. Here's a link to one that's for sale on Rick Snow's site.


Eagle Eye Rare Coins - 1864-L CN IHC


Check out the pictures, they're great.


Credit for info to Rick Snow's website and CoinWorld.

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