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Quite wrong but nice...


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What's a better way to remember some coins that used to be circulating and possibly legal?


Possibly this:




A German mark that has been gold plated and put in a keychain (sorry tabbs).


I personally detest gold plated coins as they ruin numisatic value and actually might even void the face value itself but how much can a mark possibly hurt? :ninja:

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Let's just say it would not end up in my coin collection. :ninja: As a souvenir, however, it is nice.


Quite a few bought such gold plated 1 DM coins in 2001 when Germany issued the "Last Mark" in gold. Now the actual gold coin was somewhat expensive and sold out quickly. People who just wanted to have a reminder of the DM years may have got one of those plated pieces ...


Such altered coins lose their legal tender status, by the way. (Same thing with those commems where parts of the relief are painted or gold plated by a third party.) But I guess you don't intend to "free" and exchange the coin anyway. ;)



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