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17th Century English Tokens Page Update


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Terrific site with some great pics and wonderful history :ninja:

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Great web page. If I can drift off topic to a thread in another section, these are real beauties because of the history they represent. The candlestick maker is a great piece.

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17th Century English Tokens


One of my favourite collecting areas, one that is real personal because of being able to trace the lineage and descendents of some of the individual issuers.


You are doing a great job with presenting your collecting interests in an educational context Dave. Well done and keep up the good work. :ninja:


I've been toying with doing much the same with my French jetons. I did make a start to it but the host ISP screwed up and my budding efforts were lost in cyber space ;) . One day i'll prerhaps get myself re-motivated to start again.


BTW my avatar is a late 17th century French silver token of the Drapers guild which was also known as `Le premier Corps des marchands'.


No (known) relatives involved in my case though. ;)



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