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Christmas gifts!


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These scans do not do the coins justice. This is only a small sample of what I got coin wise. I kept most of the uninteresting ones out (modern Pfennings, etc).







These two are the pride and joy of what I got. In NO WAY do these coins look like the scans. The UNC one looks just like my US Marine commem, nearly flawless. The proof is very well struck and has awesome mirrors. 99.9% of the marks are on the plastic from the 2x2, not on the coin.





I did the links to save space and for you to view at your pleasure.

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Wow those are nice! ;)


Thanks. Mom and Dad are getting pretty good at what I like :ninja:


They know silver is a love of mine, as well as eye catching desings. The Panama 1/4 Balboa is fantastic. I'll get a big scan of that tomorrow to show the details.

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