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Reasons you collect coins


Of these, which is your top reason to buy or collect coins?  

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  1. 1. Of these, which is your top reason to buy or collect coins?

    • Beauty of coin designs.
    • Historical aspects.
    • Thrill of completing a set.
    • Pride of ownership.
    • Profit.

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I went with pride of ownership. The others factor in but are not the main reason I collect. Owning a coin that is 10x's older then myself and still looking like it was minted a week ago is awesome. Pride of ownership kind of brings beauty of coin designs, historical aspects, and the thrill of completing a set together. I'm proud of a beautiful coin, one that could have been handled by kings, and completing a set.

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I went with pride of ownership. All those other things come into play but not if I don't own the coin. ie.....


This is a beautiful coin, Im sure glad I own it!


What a great coin, could have been carried by a soldier in the civil war. Im glad I own it.


I just completed my set of Unc Jefferson Nickels. Im gonna show all my friends that I own this wonderful set.


I bought this coin for $1 and now its worth $10. Im glad I own it.



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I voted for Pride of Ownership , but it's really "all of the above except #5" :ninja:

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1) Historical Aspect- It is entertaining, at least for me to learn all that I can from the period each coin was minted.


2) Beauty- I have, like I suspose everybody has, bought coins just on the appearance. Some coins are just irresistable if affordable.

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Since I can only choose one. Historical aspects is the winner for me. I love to think of the places a coin has been and who may have used it. I sort of build a little scenario to go with each coin.


Sometimes this requires a little research - that's fun too.

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For me it is mostly history and beauty - not always in that order. Completing a set is not a must, but if I get close to having a complete set, I may well buy the missing piece for only that reason. Profit? No, I do not consider my collection an investment. But if I have the impression that a coin I am interested in can be had cheaper if I wait a little, I can wait. (Or rather, reason and budget sometimes win over that must-have impulse. :ninja: )



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I go for history. Some of the coins I collect do fit the beauty category. Others, well lets just say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and history always helps. I lost interest in completing sets years ago, but I always seem to gravitate towards completing something, I just define things by categories other than runs of dates and mint marks. I've made a profit or two at times, but mostly I turn a collection over to pursue a new interest. I've sold some very rare coins in the past (not US) that weren't worth that much because the market was so small only to see the market take off. Sometimes I kick myself today, but I've always had fun and I've always turned the sale into something else I enjoy.


I do like to show off my coins.



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I was thinking it was a toss up between one and two. But then I see myself looking at 6th century Byzantine bronze and gold and some Lombard silver and I guess #1 would be a hard sell to a lot of people. :ninja:

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All three of the following are equally responsible for my addiction to coins:


Beauty of coin designs

Historical aspects

Pride of ownership


But since I could only vote for one, I voted for Historical Aspects. Coins to me are tangible pieces of history that, if they could talk, would have some wonderful stories to tell. Of course if one day they DID talk, I would have to look for a new hobby. :ninja:

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I really cannot bring myself to choosing just one, because each one perfectly describes a certain portion of my collecting habits. Certain coins I collect purely for what I see as artisitic appeal; others are simply to help me complete a set; certain coins for their history or the history they represent; while some I just get for the vain reason "now I have a scarce coin in great condition" (which I would put in the Pride of Ownership category); and on occasion I do pick up a coin and/or coin set for potential profit -usually moderns. So I will have to leave this one as a non-vote, because I really do not have one dominant force driving my collecting habits. :ninja:

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I got these reasons from the forward of a new book that I am reading. The forward was written by Kenneth E. Bressett, Redbook editor. The book is, "The Expert's Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins" by Q. David Bowers.


When I read these reasons, I had to give some thought to the issue. Like many other responders have noted, these "reasons" are not independent of each other. For example, it is important to me that I finish a set - and that is part of the pride in ownership reason.


Best I could do is a distribution like this:



I am going to keep this around and see if my reasons change with time.

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