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Great Britain 1643-1644 Half Crown


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To be blunt to the point of fault, if I were you i'd keep hold of my money until a better example came up., That one looks to have been subject to a number of ills (shaving and cleaning) and in my opinion doesn't warrant a price tag of $200. Just my opinion however and of course, it might look better in the flesh.



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It is well clipped.....but decent,rounded,well struck Charles 1 coins are very rare.

I have a Middleham hoard 1/- (about as struck) athestically worse than the 2/6...but a sign of the times with a poor strike etc & worth about £40.

Because the 2/6 series doesn't have a Portrait of the King they tend to be cheaper....But there are also some extremely rare types.

I've seen commoner strikes in collectable condition for £40/50 (a nice lump of nearly 400 year old silver with more history than you can shake a stick at.)


If you want to sample UK hammered try Edward 1,11& 111 1d's.


Quality Charles 1 can be rewarding BUT expensive mistakes will litter a novice's path.


Buy the books 1st....a good allrounder being Coincrafts 2000 edition (more specialised than Spink)


If you catch the hammered bug THERE IS NO HOPE. :ninja:

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