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Hello all

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I was just there.


I'm looking around and getting a feel for the forum.

Looks like a well put together site - I look forward to future visits.


I collect anything - my collection is small and I'm always looking for neat additions.


My favorite right now is a MS62 1955 DDO

I had a nice Fugio I sold :ninja: Yep, looking for another now.



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Welcome Ralph


The Dragon in your sig is Awesome, have any larger pics of it?


So you sell your Art, give as Gifts (We have a forum for that to :ninja:) or do you keep them?





Since you asked - my stuff is for sale on my web site - most of the stuff goes really quick so I don't have much for sale at any one time.


A larger pic of the dragon is there too, but it is already sold. ;)


Thanks, Ralph

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Geez I admire people with innate artistic abilitie. For only doing this since 2004, you are very good. After seeing Bill Zach's work I decided to try this. It turned out looking like a 3 year old turned loose with a dremel and a nickel :ninja:


Welcome, and keep up the good work.

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