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identifying a coin


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Hello all, Merry Christmas. A neighbour showed me a coin today and I am curious to know more about it. It is a Canadian nickel, it must be a commerative coin a it has the dates 1751-1951 on it, and we are wondering if anyone knows what it commerates? Also if it is known what the picture on the back side is of.

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In 1950, the Mint decided to strike (in 1951) a coin to commemorate the 200th. anniversary of the discovery and naming of the element NICKEL by Swedish chemist A.F.Cronstedt in 1751. Although up to this date the only two commemorative Canadian coins were one dollar coins, the logical denomination to be used to commemorate the event was the nickel 5 cent, as it was the only nickel coin in the Canadian series.


A large design committee was appointed to oversee an open competition. The selected design pictures a nickel refinery with low buildings flanking a smoke stack in the centre. The inscriptions "NICKEL 1751-1951" are at left and "5 CENTS" at right. At the bottom, there are three maple leaves. The design was the work of Stephen Trenka (ST at the right under the building).

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