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hobo nickel giveaway,Winner is #51 [kat]

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most of you have seen my carvings and i,ve recieved many kind words,,i belong to 2 other coin forums and did a giveaway this year...so if someone would tell me the correct way or this,s forum rules on a giveaway we,ll have one...my hobo nickels sell from a simple carving of $100 to a highly detailed one up to $600....this will a 100% giveaway, i,ll even pay shipping and insurance...DEAD LINE is dec.26 11:59 central time, each member,s name that replys to enter will go in hat and one will drawn out...i just posted the picture of the hobo nickel that one of you,ll win..it,s signed and numbered and will in airtite..it,s carved on a 1935 xf buffalo nickel...

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And me!


I generally don't like altered coins, but those I have seen in your posts are simply wonderfull! You are a true artist! :ninja:

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i,ll post a picture of the giveaway hobo nickel tuesday night and also give a dead line for entering, everyone that replys forum member number will be dropped in hat and i,ll draw one out...



Firstly, count me in on the draw.



forum member number 298


Secondly, I have a hobo nickel but I don't know who the artist involved was /is.

(see attached). Regardless, i'm sure it wouldn't mind having a buddy to keep it company. OK ok... greed is not one of my finer features..... :-)





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