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A half euro coin


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Have you ever wondered what the core of a €1 coin looks like? Some of you will know that the "golden" ring is Cu75 Zn20 Ni05, and the "silverish" pill has a sandwich structure. That sandwich (called Magnimat) is Cu75 Ni25 on the surface, with a layer of pure nickel inside. But do you ever get to see the core? Here is your chance:




Larger and much more detailed picture:



And no, I do not split coins. :ninja: Earlier this week the muenzen.net forum member "popei" posted this image of a half €1 piece. He found it in a university lab where, for the purpose of some metallographic testing, the coin had been cut into two halves and then put in a block of synthetic resin. Popei's picture shows pretty well how the pure nickel core is just a thin "line" in the center of the piece.


The original thread is here http://www.emuenzen.de/forum/euromuenzen/3...innenleben.html by the way. But I think you cannot view the image without being a member; so "popei" allowed me to post it here. Enjoy!



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