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A mint commem set I would happily buy!


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With all the BS (my opinion) coins that the Congress has been authorizing lately (i.e. presedential dollars, idiotic first lady bullion coins, another dumb buffalo nickel reproduction in a different metal) there is one set that I would gladly go into hock to buy. In a little over a year, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Saint-Gaudens eagle and double eagle introduction. I would love for the mint to produce a 100th anniversary set but not some cheesy copy like those hideous American Eagle bullion coins. I mean a high relief version of the eagle and double eagle dated 2007, with the exact same design as the originals, the same metal content (i.e. .900 gold, 0.9675 oz. for the double eagle, 0.48375 oz. for the eagle). No motto, lettered/starred edges, offered only in a matte proof finish. Roman numerals on the double eagle, arabic on the eagle. I mean exactly like the originals except for the date! To me, that would be a set definitely worth buying!


As for all the other crap they intend to put out, it's eerily reminiscent of the problems with commems in the 1930s which eventually resulted in a nearly three decade drought of new original mint products. So enjoy (or despise) them while they last!

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