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Copper coins EM


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2 Kopek 1801 EM



1 Kopek 1799 EM



Denga 1798 EM


These stylish but simple coins were minted in Jekaterinburg from 1797 to 1801. Other mints were Annensk (AM) and Kolyvan (KM). The letter on the coins is Pavel's monogram, a cyrillic "P".

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Nice coppers. :ninja:


Thanks ;)

These aren't as hard to find as someone might think, actually, they are a wonderful way to start a collection of older Russian coins. Coins with mintmark EM are the most common ones, but there are some AM and KM coins quite easily available too. As a type coin, the Polushka is the most difficult one to get hold of.

I have none of them yet ;)


Silver coins of this reign are much rarer and demand a very fat wallet and lots of time to look for them. 1 Rouble is the most common and affordable silver coin of the series.

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Here is one more interesting coin that you might be interested, link as follows:


http://molotok.ru/catalog/view_item.php?id_sell=7614105 2 kopeks no mintmark, presumably novodel.


http://molotok.ru/catalog/view_item.php?id_sell=7614103 The rare, or hard to find polushka, and with a rare mintmark. :ninja:


Btw nice coins Tane! (I am so jealous >_< ) ;)


1798frontedit7ds.jpg That is mine, nothing as nice as Tane's one. But this is an overdate 1798/7 coin, pretty interesting really.


Here is the rest of the discussion of the overdate denga

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