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Question about a Nickle

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This nickle was in a plastic flip and had a paper holder as well. The paper holder is labeled 1942P Nickle TYPE 2.


First Question: Is there a type 2? I saw nothing notated in the Red Book.


Second Question: There is a chalky coating on the coin. Is is PVC? Can it be removed? I think there is a nice, shiny coin under that film.







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I've never heard it called a type 2, but in 1942 there were normal nickels from Philadelphia (no mintmark) and then they switched to the silver composition later in the year, resulting in the 1942-P nickel (large P,D or S mintmarks above the dome of Monticello). Yours is a silver war nickel. As for the white gunk, I have no idea what it is, though PVC should have more of a greenish tint.

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Good advice from everyone. :ninja:

Not counting errors or the normal die varieties, there were seven different types of nickels minted in 1942.

The "no mintmark", the "no mintmark proof, the 1942-D, the '42-P, the '42-P proof, the '42-S (large mintmark above Monticello) and the '42-S (small mintmark beside Monticello).

And I agree with the others, don't "shine" your coin.

It looks like a beautiful almost uncirculated example.

It'd be a shame to ruin it.

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