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let's pretend... you had a whole lincoln set


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does that make sense? as in you've got a roll of 1909, a roll of 1909vdb, 1910, 10s, etc.. all the way up to 2004. like 200+ rolls. they're all there, minus the keys.. who has a roll of 14D's anyway. but you've got let's say 11pds, 12pds, 13pds, 14ps, 15pds, 22d, 24d, etc etc.. like 100 pounds of coins. worth let's say $5000.. and you had to sell it, you can't keep it.


would you put it on ebay as a whole.. something unique, don't see that too often.


or put up a bunch of auctions and sell them in single rolls, or batches of PDS.


the goal is to simply make as much $ as you can with it..



i hate to 'show off' but this is the task i have at hand here, selling it for the boss.. i can't figure out which would be the best way to do this, and it's kinda up to me.. i'm 50/50. one big auction would catch some attention, but how many buyers are looking for that? listing them individually would certainly work, and may bring in more, but it's not as fun... who knows, maybe there are a lot of people out there that have thought about doing it, and here's their chance to get it all at once.. so it may attract a lot of action.... i'm... torn..


what do you guys think...



oh drat i wanted to make a poll but i can't?

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Guest Stujoe

To make as much $$ as you can? I would say sell them individually and in small sets. However, you will work much harder for your $$ :ninja: when y9ou take into consideration listing, shipping, pictures, etc.


I think you are right in the 'How many buyers are looking for that' hinking. I would say not too many.

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yeah i think you guys are right.. i've been thinking the same thing


i'd love to see how the big set would do.. guess i could put a reserve on it first... :idea:


i dunno.. i have some time to figure it out.


here's what i've got up right now if you're curious.. just listed a batch of BU rolls.... lotsa wheats




-papadoc aka jackson aka Dain :ninja:


thanks for the replies....

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good timing with the bump 8-) all those rolls are on ebay right now....






I was wondering what happened to you. I didn't know of another forum that you frequent to make sure you knew about the new CP site.


Welcome. Nice auctions on ebay. Good luck with them.

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