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Buffalo Nickel Book-Charity Auction


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Ok! I recently received my annual fund drive letter from the Pullman Educational Foundation and I thought it might be nice to auction off a few items to add to my contribution this year. The George M. Pullman Educational Foundation exists to provide scholarships and guidance to highly qualified but economically disadvantaged students in the Chicago area to help them achieve their dreams of a college education. I was fortunate enough to receive a Pullman scholarship when I was an undergrad, and ever since I have been very supportive of their efforts. To learn more about them, see their website at http://www.pullmanfoundation.org/. As for these auctions, there are a number of interesting items, and I will donate whatever the proceeds are to the Pullman Foundation. I will also pay the shipping costs for all of the items to anywhere on the planet, so I hope you all might find something you like and bid generously! Thanks for your help!


The first item is a signed copy of "The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels, Second Edition" by David W. Lange. This is a new hardcover edition, and is signed by the author! It is a must have for Buffalo Nickel Collectors.


Starting Bid: $10

Minimum Bid Increment: $1

Ends: Sunday 12/18/05, 3:00 PM EST (all bids before 3:01 PM will be counted!)

Payment Methods: Paypal is fine as long as it is NOT a credit card payment (ID: jtryka@yahoo.com), personal checks and money orders are also accepted gladly!


Please e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com or PM me with any questions. THANKS!

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