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Germany - Empire


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2 Kopeks - used in Latvia, Lthuania, Poland and Northwest-Russia.

1 Rouble had a value of 2 Mark - these iron coins (1,2,3 Kopeks) were used for payments by German army members.




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Very very nice sample!

Great photo studio set-up you have there!

I'm using an Olympus C-770 Camera, a transparent coin presenter and a strong diffuse light source - that's all.


These coins are hard to find in such preservation.


A few days ago, I tried this: http://www.sixbid.com/home/auctions/lanz/m...26/00852H00.HTM

Unfortunately, it was a bit too expensive for me (sold for $190 + premium,tax)

The price of the coin above was $25.

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That's a great price on the coin posted.


Not sure if you know or not but Tiffi is a big collector of German coinage. I myself am as well but not to the extent of her. Check out her Omnicoin page sometime.

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