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Henrich Gube, the German mintmaster in Russia...


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Henrich Gube, or in short better known as Gube (1805-1848) is probably one little "devil" in his time. While his name or works aren't really well known almost anywhere in the world, or rather who he is, he probably is one of the best German mintmasters or medallists who should deserve a little more status.


As of why I posted a German mintmaster in a Russian coin forum, it should not take much time to realize that Gube's works made it into Russia. In fact, Gube was given the privilage in St. Petersburg mint, under the Imperial command as a Chief-engraver and medallist to create some of Russia's greatest works, if not, started a chain of commemorative rubles. If it was not for him, it would be difficult to say how successful would Russia be with her Imperial commemorative rubles.


Gube's first works in Russia was the 1834 Alexsander Column ruble:


901755.jpg <- More details about this coin could be read here: 1834 Commemorative Ruble Link


His second would be the rare 1835 1.5 ruble - 10 zlot Marriage ruble

(sorry, no images :ninja: )

(ironically, this coin's design is originally from a Bavarian taler)


And soon later, the 1839 Borodin 1.5 and 1 ruble:


901756.jpg <- More details about this coin could be read here: 1839 Commemorative Ruble Link


His final work on Russian commemorative coin would be the 1841 Marriage (medallic) Ruble

(sorry no images too ;) )


Appearently, what strikes me is how detailed he goes into his work, which is no suprise why he was elected to make 4 such commemorative rubles.


1834 hair aspect:




Angel aspect:




Base of the Monument aspect:




Notice how detailed he goes into engraving the details at the base of the monument and the angel's feathers.


Hair of the proof 1834 ruble:




As of how he managed such wavy hair, this probably is the best example of a German style engraving.


Gube does have a tendency to make razor sharp features on such a small little coin. The coins that I have is approximately 35.36mm~35.93mm.


It might be a bit sad that such great mintmasters existed in the past, only to learn that such design "traditions" were not passed down, and hence we are left with a lot simpler commemorative designs. ;)


Long live the great mintmasters of the past...


(Special thanks to Elverno for more infomation about this mintmaster :lol: )

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