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:ninja: I was probably the only person not to have an Intis. Thank you Colin, the coins and notes are great. Is the Japanese Ten Pesos from the occupation of the Phillipeans?
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:ninja:  I was probably the only person not to have an Intis. Thank you Colin, the coins and notes are great. Is the Japanese Ten Pesos from the occupation of the Phillipeans?


Yes it Is From The occupation Of The Philippines Has The Philippine National Monument On the Front


Gald u Liked the COins ;)

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I have bought coins from Colin on a couple of occasions and they were great! Fast shipping too.


No problems at all, and that redbook you sent has been a lifesaver!


Honest description, fast shipment! Thanks a lot, Colin! I am very happy with our deal.


Have bought numerous items from Colin. He describes all his items very well and is fast to ship. Great to deal with. :ninja:


I really enjoy Colin's auctions. His shipping is fast and his prices are great. Thanks and keep up the good stuff. :angel:


:mrgreen: Just got another auction lot from Colin. Another nice deal. Thanks a lot!


I have been enjoying Colin's auctions for a while now, and now I received a couple of shipments from him. Great prices and great coins/notes.


He is honest when he does the adverts, no you do not get nasty surprises at all.

On the other hand, there are always very good surprises in the shipments, at least I had some!


Got a great envelope of auction winnings this afternoon. Nice packaging, nice coins, great deals....Thanks and keep those auctions coming.


Hey got a few winning in the Mail today. . . .Thanks  I just love those Auctions.


Another auction that arrived! This one with the desired Japanese coin, Colin's ex-avatar! ;)
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Got some coins again from Colin, today.


They're great ;)


Thanks Colin!!


Just completed another smooth transaction with Colin. This man always delivers what he advertises and does it in a very timely manner. :ninja:


Thanks again, Colin.


Another shipment received! Great notes!



Thanks Colin, and keep it up!


Another nice set of coins from an auction!!  Thanks, Colin.


Got anothe set of coins today, from one of Colin's great auctions. Filled 3 empty spaces in my album ;)


Thanks a lot Colin :thumbsup:


Another great shipment of auction coins and notes from Colin. Thanks for the great auctions and neat coins.


I received today 2 packets from Colin from auctions I won.


In them I found 3 notes I really wanted, the 20 Piso and 100 Piso from Filipines, and the 25 Dinars from Iraq, plus some coins that came with them.


Thank you Colin!




Lots of auction wins came in today!!  Philippine coins for days!!!


Thanks Colin!!! (and Rina!!!)

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More from Colins' auctions arrived today!!!  And another note!!  Thanks Colin!


Yet another shipment of neat auction coins from Colin. Great auctions. Great shipping. Thanks!!!!!  :mrgreen:


Another great package of coins today. Including a few Phillipine Notes. Thanks again.


Received the som much expected Iranian note adn some coins from an auction I won!


Thanks Colin, I love the note!!!!


Won another of his auctions. Nice coins once again.


Colin managed to please me with some very nice coins from one of his famous auctions again.


Thanks Colin :thumbsup:


A nice Jogoslavian 500 Dinars note and a nice 500 ??? from Cambodia that I wasn't expecting... it must be one of the auctions I won...

Plus a few other coins.


Thanks Colin!


Colin keeps goin' :ninja:


He sent me some nice coins again, that I won in one of his auctions.


Good goin', Colin!! :thumbsup:

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Another great package of coins and notes from Colin. He's tops. I love those Colin auctions. Thanks. ;)



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My coins came in today from the auction. Only took two days to get them here (very fast shipping). The 1801 coin is just.....wow. Not the prettiest coin ever but it sure is nice.


Great person to deal with.

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Nice package of auction winnings arrived in yesterday's mail.


Thanks as always for the neat auctions and fast delivery.



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I don't like having to do this but I have checked and he has been lurking the last few days and will not respond.


I won 2 auctions from him with a total of 9 different coins and 1 banknote:


1923 German 1000 Mark Banknote (Very good)

1977 South Korea 100 Won (Very good)

1965 Venezuela 50 Centimos (Cleaned,Very good)

1966 India 1 Paisa (Fine)

1982 Singapore 10 Cents (Very good)

1985 Philippine 50 Sentimos (Cleaned,Very good)


1941 Italy 50 Centesimi (Cleaned,Very good)


2002 5 Cent Euro (Cleaned,very good)


1965 Denmark 2 Ore (very good)


1967 Ghana half Pesewa (Cleaned,Very good)



The 1st auction ended and I recived a pm stating I had won with the total including shipping. There was no address given to send the money or if the seller accepted pay-pal or anything else. I believe both started the same daythe 9th of November and said ends Sunday.


Anyway I sent several pm's trying to get an address or pay-pal address to send the money. I like to pay what I owe ASAP, sorry but that is just me, I don't like to owe people money. It took a while to get this information but he finally sent me a PM with his address. Then he says his computer is broken down and he is having personal problems. Maybe, maybe not. You will find out shortly why I say this.


I send payment and get a package in the mail shortly after with only 3 yes THREE coins and the ONE banknote. He leaves a note saying he shipped them out to someone else by mistake. He refunds me a single DOLLAR! He didn't get give me any breaks on shipping so for $3.50 I won THREE COINS AND 1 BANK NOTE!!


Now I am a pretty easy guy to deal with and his unwillingness to give me his address for payment, his claims of problems, I believe all have to do with NOT wanting to face up to what he did to me! A simple PM explaining that he sold, shipped, ate them, I don't care..............but a pm giving ME the chance to decide what I thought we could come to an agreement on would have been better.

He waits until he has my money and decides what the 3 coins are worth and 1 banknote. TOTALLY UNFAIR!!! WE COULD HAVE WORKED THIS OUT TOGETHER!


I gave the 3 coins away in a contest I was so upset about what he had done. To be honest I couldn't beileve it. A simple PM would have sloved all these problems instead of hiding from them.

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Things happened that i had no control over


But oh well that's life


I'll try to do better people


I'm sorry coinmonster but as i said before things got totally out of my control


Computer crashed and i lost all my info,plus i had family matters to handle


So i'm not surprized that things went wrong

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