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German East Africa


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German East Africa:

contemporary postcard with coin explanation and some value comparison.


1 Rupie = 29 US cents. (1904). Yeah, very strong dollar :ninja:


One Pesa was 0,45 US cents

3,5 Heller was 1 US cent



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Although it was available at its release date, the 2 Rupien coin is not present on the postcard.


The following type is missing on the postcard, because it was introduced a couple of years later:


5 Heller 1909 (years: 1908/1909)

This copper (Cu950/Sn40/Zn10) coin is 37mm in diameter, weight: 20g

It's the biggest German copper alloy coin.




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Did you actually sent the coin to a lab for it's metal analysis?


Sorry about my late reply:

A friend of mine is working at a company which manufactures X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF).





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