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Swiss Confederation


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Second type 5 Franken coin of Swiss Federal State.


Beware, there exist many counterfeits - produced in Libanon/Beirut (1960s)

You can identify these counterfeits by examining the (raised) edge lettering:

Letter "M" of "Dominus" and descending stars after "Dominus"


I think, they're centrifugal casts - with proper weight and diameter.




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Every year, Swissmint releases a pattern version from

one of their commemoratives to swiss customers.

(low mintages from 250 to up to 700 pcs)


There are patterns from 5 Franken (bi-metal), 10 Franken

(bi-metal) and 20 Franken (silver)


The pattern versions can be identified by the swiss cross

surrounded by a circle with an E (Essai)

The quality of these pattern coins is superb!


Commemorative coin "Internationaler Automobilsalon Genf"

- pattern - mintage 500 pcs - price: CHF 200.-





Mostly, there is also a slight difference with the design:

Left: pattern; right: normal issue...can you find it?



(2001 issue)


jeggy :ninja:

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Left: pattern; right: normal issue...can you find it?

Ha, you should have made that a contest - preferably with the "essai" piece as the prize. :ninja: Let's just say that the regular version has less vegetation in the East ...


I have quite a few modern Swiss commems. What I find a little disappointing is that the side with the face value is now the same for all issues. Other than that - great designs most of them.



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