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Whew! End of Round 2!

Guest Stujoe

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And just in time as I messed up two of them this morning! Thanks for the catches, Dave! I had Latvia on the brain this morning big time!


Anyway, the last of Round 2 competitions will be closed next Sunday and I will start Round 3 then. I will be switching to one day a week at that time and the Competitions will be posted on Sundays.


I am going to hold off on those categories that are already at the Final Round until the other categories catch up. The finals will all be done together.

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Let me add my 2-cents. It's been great. Stu you've done a wonderful job on the catagories and the postings. Thanks this is a lot of fun.



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PCI is getting better and better. Well done, Stu. :ninja:

I think the new category breakdown by century is working well.


P.S. I fixed one of the Latvias (to Napoleon)


I agree, great job Stu. Lot's of wonderful coins here. Gotta feel sorry for the losers at times.

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I was a little surprised at that one. US coins haven't been doing all that great. :ninja:

Ah, but you have been doing great with the PCI! ;) Thanks, has been a lot of fun so far. And yes, sometimes it is hard to see a really nice piece go. Then again, in quite a few cases a great coin "lost" because a gorgeous coin won. So? The "loser" is still a great coin ...



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