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1863 2 cent pc.?


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Accoding to CoinFacts




The denomination was not a success and was only struck between 1863 (patterns in 1863, circulating coins beginning in 1864) and 1873. Prototype patterns dated 1863 and early 1864 Proofs were struck with a small letter legend.


there were patterns in 1863. Whether the coin above is a pattern or an altered date, I have no idea.

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Compare it with this 1863 two cent pattern shown on the Bass website at this link:





Also check this link to two-cent patterns:




Who knows? Maybe you have found a major rarity...



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I think gpnyc's Right I believe you got a fake on your hands. . . Better Sell it on ebay as a real rare piece. . . . But we could be wrong what does the other side look like?

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I didn't really pay attention before but it does look plated, doesn't it?


Yeah, Stu.

I guess Doc will be back later to confirm, but the silver collored (white pot metal?) core seems obvious.


Also, most evident on the obverse at 7-8 o'clock, is the bubbling that is usually associated with casting.

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