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1940 Spiked Chin???

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Looks like a thin strip of clear(ish) glue to me. I bet you anything if you gently push perpendicular on a high point of the "spike" O bet it'll break free. If that method is considered dangerous, try letting it sit in acetone for a couple hours, I bet it'll soften or disolve completely. And if it is glue, it should turn a more opaquish color after an acetone bath. Let us know what your gonna do. Would like to see if I am right or wrong.


But being the lincoln cent nut that I am, no, I have never heard of a "spiked chin" Lincoln Cent. BTW, nice grade.

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Yes indeed it is a very nice coin! I love early uncs.... as for the possibility of it being glue, I just also noticed that the area around where the "spike" is, that it is discolored a bit (brighter than the average color of the coin). Which further goes to my theory of it being a chemical of some sort (ie glue).

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