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Christmas time with Art. . . .

Rotten Rodney

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I got the rare signed on reverse variety :ninja:



I got the reverse signature variety, also. Perhaps the obverse signature variety is the rare one ;)


Now mounted on my corkboard above the monitor, along with the 2004 edition of the "Art's Signature series" notes, and a note from Banc Eirannais Ltd., and a laser engraved wooden token from a friend on PCGS board (#10 of 10)

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:'( LOL


Sorry Kid but you're not on my mailing list because 1) you're relatively new here and 2) we haven't had any exchanges/etc. that would have put you on my list -- YET.


BUT -- if you PM your mailing address, I'll be happy to zip a Christmas note your way.




PS - I'm also waiting for a few mailing addresses from others so I can finish my 2005 list and mailings.

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