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The man is plum loco...


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Here's a little story for you. Patrick (my boyfriend for those that don't know) has been collecting state quarters/new nickels. Well today he announced as he handed me about 40 loose SQ's that he intends to have the largest hoard of SQ's anywhere. Now this is not bad in and of itself. However, I had been putting his quarters in 2x2's and in a box for him. I said, "Ok, well maybe you can just start keeping them in a jar then." To which he replies, "Oh no, you've been slacking." Because I have a pile of about 20 others that I haven't put in holders since I ran out. I kindly informed him that he can buy the darn things. I'm using the self-adhesive ones. So he went out to jpscorner.com and bought 3 more boxes of holders. ;)


Well, I accidentally forgot to cancel my US Mint subscription for rolls of SQ's because I just really wanted MN. I didn't really want the rolls, so I cracked them open and sent sets all over the place. I told him I had 8 sets left and he rubbed his hands together and gave a devilish look, "Oh goody," he said. "More for me..." I burst right out laughing


And if you want to know, yes he realizes they are not worth much. I seem to be rubbing off on him though. I showed him the half I got today and he said, "Capped Bust?" I was like :ninja:. He said, "What? I'm visual I remember things." Just thought I'd share a little collecting humor.


If you have any interesting or funny significant other/family stories feel free to share here.

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Reminds me Of When me and rina went over to her sisters house the sister's son and his friends Saw me on the Old Coinpeople Site And Saw One Of My Auctions


They Were Very Surprized at How Well I Did On the Auction, His Dad Was Even Surprized by the bidding


then they Saw One of My Coin pics And Asked What Kind Of Coin It Was So i Told Them About The COin


Now When Ever They have A Coin that they can't ID Or Know the value of or a coin Question They Ask Me First


They Even Gave me A Coin For My Collection


cause they knew i collected coins and sold them also

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Here's a little story for you.  Patrick (my boyfriend for those that don't know)


Actually, I didn't know.

I thought you were married to Patrick.


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I would marry Tiff for her coin collection....Trouble is I,m already married :ninja:

and Mrs Peter was very happy with me today in that she can see her Dining table again....I've pushed my luck over the last couple of weeks...Blimey its hot tonight...hence the late post.

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In an effort to stick to a grocery budget, we go to the bank/ATM each payday and pull out some cash for the grocery store. Our thinking is that if we just have cash, we will stick the list and not buy a bunch of junk food, running the budget over.


The wife had asked me to go to the grocery store on Saturday, and gave me the cash she had pulled from the ATM. 7 brand new, in consective order $20 bills. They were so crisp! As I am looking at them and seeing that they are in consective order, she says "No! Rick you cannot keep pulling all my grocery money out and keeping it just because they are new and in order!" I told her not to worry, I would replace the $140 with a true and trusted source of funds, a check!


I got 7 new $20 for the collection, and we got our food. Win Win!

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As I mentioned in another thread I got the Dansco State Quarter Album w/proofs and Silver issues yesterday, so I put the "other half" of all the mint/proof sets I've cracked in their places in the album. So Patrick comes down to the basement last night and I show it to him. He sits down and starts flipping through the pages and says.... "These are mine," and just keeps flipping through the pages. :ninja: I was dying.

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