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GOETZ: K-319 Fritz Reuter

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K-319 FRITZ REUTER, Death Commemorative, 1924, Struck Silver, 36mm, VZ.


Commemorating 50 years of his death, July 12, 1874.


Obverse: Bust front (muled image from earlier K-33 medal)


Reverse: Large oak tree sheltering stone sitting bench in foreground inscribed with birth and death dates. A lyre rests against the trunk of the tree. A Castle (Wartburg) sits atop hill in the background above tree.


An eloquent tribute to the Nationalist Reuter. Goetz includes the 1000 year old Ivenack oak, one of a number located near Reuter’s birthplace of Stavenhagen. Wartburg castle, imaged above the oak of the reverse, is located in Eisenach, Reuter’s place of death.


Also made in 80mm Cast bronze.



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