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1948 Cinco Peso Coin

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Trying to get information about the value and composition of this coin. 







This one is fairly easy as the coin itself provides the info, though in Spanish: :ninja:


30 grams of .900 silver.



I acquired one like this myself for about $13 (shipping included in that figure) in BU (brilliant uncirculated) earlier this year- if that helps. ;) Not a rare coin; fairly common I believe. This specific year was minted in the tens of millions IIRC.

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I've sold 20-30 of these to various members of law enforcement agencies around here [Deep East Texas] for use as badges. The coins are carved up and make impressive badges. It is a 'tradition' in Texas law enforcement to use a large Mexican silver piece for the badge.


Next year, during the ANA's National Coin Week, I would like to set up an exhibit of the various badges that have been made for law enforcement from this County. With luck, I could probably have 15 or so of them in it.


Most of them are the late-40's 5 Peso pieces; however, I do know of one US Morgan dollar as well as an 1863 8-reales piece used for badges.

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Saw a few of those today at a flea market. Wanted from $10-$20 depending on grade. Attractive design though.

Were they selling? If so I need to go to the flea market and Sell. . . .

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